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  • 06.11.2013
  • Unser English Bookshop: Deutschlands größte Buch-Auswahl auf Englisch

Unser English Bookshop: Deutschlands größte Buch-Auswahl auf Englisch

Where Shakespeare meets Auster: Unser English Bookshop ist ein Paradies für alle native speakers und Fans von Originalen. Bei uns finden Sie auf zwei Etagen Aktuelles und Außergewöhnliches, Neuerscheinungen und Klassiker sowie originelle Geschenke.

Unsere Top-Empfehlungen haben wir unserem aktuellen Newsletter vorgestellt. Die ganze Vielfalt können Sie im fantastischen Ambiente in unserem English Bookshop entdecken. Unsere Buchhändlerinnen und Buchhändler freuen sich auf anregende booktalks mit Ihnen – natürlich in fließendem Englisch.


Donna Tartt / The Goldfinch / 784 p. / Little, Brown and Company / € 17,90

The author of the classic bestsellers “The Secret History” and “The Little Friend” returns with a brilliant, highly anticipated new novel. Composed with the skills of a master, “The Goldfinch” is a haunted odyssey through present day America and a drama of enthralling force and acuity.


Elizabeth Gilbert / The Signature of All Things / 501 p. / Bloomsbury Publishing / € 15,90

Elizabeth Gilbert is most well known for her 2006 bestseller “Eat, Pray, Love”. Her latest novel, “The Signature of All Things”, is a big novel, about a big century. Peopled with extraordinary characters it soars across the globe. Above all it has an unforgettable heroine in Alma Whittaker, a woman of the Enlightened Age who stands defiantly on the cusp of the modern. Watch here how Elizabeth Gilbert talks about "The Signature of All Things".


John Grisham / Sycamore Row / 400 p. / Hodder & Stoughton / € 23,90

John Grisham brings us the  long-awaited, powerful sequel to “A Time to Kill”. It features hero lawyer Jake Brigance, in a heady tale of suicide, contested wills and racial tension in America's Deep South. As filled with page-turning twists as it is with legal mastery, “Sycamore Row” proves beyond doubt that John Grisham is in a league of his own. Watch here how John Grisham talks about the publication of his first novel "A Time To Kill" and how the sequel "Sycamore Row" came to be. 


Jonathan Franzen, Karl Kraus / The Kraus Project / 318 p. / Macmillan / € 20,90

In “The Kraus Project” Franzen not only presents his definitive new translations of Kraus but annotates them spectacularly, with supplementary notes from the Kraus scholar Paul Reitter and the Austrian writer Daniel Kehlmann. Kraus was a notoriously cantankerous and difficult author, and in Franzen he has found his match.


Matthew Inman / Why Grizzly Bears Should Wear Underpants / 160 p. / Turtleback Books / € 14,90

The latest book from the comedic mastermind behind, Matthew Inman. Classics from the website, including “Dear Sriracha Rooster Sauce,” “What It Means When You Say Literally,” and “What We Should Have Been Taught in Our Senior Year of High School,” are featured alongside never-before-seen works of epic hilarity that will delight veteran and newbie Oatmeal fans alike.


Chris Van Allsburg / The Chronicles of Harris Burdick / 223 p. / Random House Children's / € 13,90

For more than twenty-five years, the illustrations in the extraordinary “Mysteries of Harris Burdick” by Chris Van Allsburg have intrigued and entertained readers of all ages. Thousands of children have been inspired to weave their own stories to go with these enigmatic pictures. Now an inspired collection of short stories by an all-star cast of best-selling storytellers spins the tales.


Mark Twain (author), Benjamin Griffin and others (editor) / Autobiography of Mark Twain: Volume II / 736 p. / University of California Press / € 37,90

2010 marked the 100th anniversary of Mark Twain's death. In commemoration, Mark Twain's uncensored autobiography is being published in its entirety, exactly as he left it. There will be 3 volumes in all. This eagerly awaited 2nd volume delves deeper into Twain's life, uncovering the many roles he played in his private and public worlds.

Alan Greenspan / The Map and the Territory- Future of Forecasting / 388 p. / Penguin / € 29,90

Like all of us, Alan Greenspan was forced by the financial crisis of 2008 to question some fundamental assumptions about risk management and economic forecasting. This title integrates the history of economic prediction, and the work of behavioural economists to offer a grounding in what we can know about economic forecasting and what we can't. 


Matthew Buchholz / Alternate Histories of the World Buchholz / 184 p. / Penguin / € 19,90

This remarkable collection of maps, photographs, engravings and paintings from the early ages to modern day provides a stunning new look at the world as defined by our struggles and alliances with the monsters and supernatural creatures that have defined our existence.


Book Bag - A Room of One's Own - Virginia Woolf / € 19,90

The Penguin canvas bag is THE bag to be seen with. What could be more fashionable than a stylish, classic, canvas Penguin bag, handstitched in England. What you fill it with is up to you, but we'd suggest a lovely selection of Penguin titles! This bag from the new Penguin Collection features the original Penguin cover of Viriginia Woolf's famed feminist polemic “A Room of One's Own”.

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